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Alana Solomon is a shutterbug! Whether it’s recording artwork, stalking wildlife, or traveling abroad, Alana’s camera is always in hand. If you see a photo Alana has available, give her a call for your own personal signed by the artist prints. She also has  available photography printed on canvas, mounted on gallery frames. Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427 or Email:

Alana’s Photography is foxy! SNAP THEM UP FAST! ALANA’S ON THE RUN!

“Foxy Mama” by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana for prints: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

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Alana’s been swinging a paintbrush since she could pick one up! Poke around this site and you will discover a power plant of creative energy! If it’s art, it’s on the menu! Here’s hoping you will be inspired to create crazy-fun art of any and many kinds!


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Enjoy Alana’s Art at Indochine Restaurant in Wilmington, NC, USA. Alana’s Art at Indochine creates the magical experience of visiting the Far East without leaving the country! Call Just Faux Fun, Inc.for all your artistic illusions of grandeur!

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Alana’s Art for Christmas


Alana'sArt for Christmas

Original Art Available at Tickled Pink Gifts
Lumina Station, Wrightsville Beach, NC, USA

A Whole Flock to be Thankful For!

Eternal Thanksgiving—a poem by Alana Solomon.

I’m not just thankful for all I have, but all that I have not.

My boundaries, they hem me in, but wolves are not my lot.

The quiet and the solitude that others could not bear,

a stream of sweet communion with my Lord is what I share.

He guides my thoughts from worthless chatter

to heavenly goals that really matter.

For still much longer He bids me stay

and promises to guide each day,

that at the end I’d sit again and see all He provided then.

He is the Shepherd of my soul.

My heart, it’s hurts, He heals, makes whole.

Because He knows me inside out,

It’s best I trust without a doubt.

He knows what’s good for me much more

than I could dream or scheme, I’m sure.

Content I’ll be in sun and shade, in storms He let and those I’ve made,

The chilly rain, the snow and such, they drown my tears but warm His touch.

When fog rolls in and I can’t see, the path quite clear in front of me,

He holds me tight and bids me stroll

at peace with Him who’s in control.

The Master of the earth and sky,

my guide in life and when I die,

He’ll escort me to heaven’s throne,

the place I’ve dwelt secure, His own.

“None other Lamb, None other Name” will I place trust or even claim.

He is my goal, I will proclaim, for His great power and His fame.

In this small pasture in which I dwell, I look to Him whom I know well,

and point all others who seem confused, in pain or shame or fear they tell,

to One who’s there, His Name I’ll share, able and true to others too.

You doubt His Presence real and fair? Cry out to Him, cry out, I dare!

He will reveal Himself to you, He gave His Word, it’s clear, it’s true!

Go seek and find and find you will, the only hope, the One who’s real.

Follow the One who calls your name; He enters in, you’re not the same.

He welcomes you into His fold, and pours His blessings countless told.

He went before and made a way through death’s grim valley, that dark day.

He brands you His, precious and rare, and saves you from the pit, the snare.

We’ll be with Him forever pure in His eternal pasture sure.

Praise be to Jesus, Shepherd & King,

Thanksgiving eternal from saints He’ll bring.

written by Alana Solomon Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Use by permission only. Call Alana USA 910 232 5427. Email:

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“Beluga” by Alana Solomon

“Beluga” by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Original & Prints available. Call: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

“Beluga Goes Fast” by Alana Solomon

“Beluga Goes Fast” by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Original & Prints available. Call: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

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“Jackson Parrot” by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana for original and prints. USA 910 232 5427. Email:

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