Painting on the Wild Side: Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc.

Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc., takes faux painting to the wild side.

Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, Alana serves the east coast with all their faux-painting and artistic needs. Alana paints portraits, furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, mantles, stairs, columns, and much much more.FronbergerTigerMantle

Alana offers faux tiger patterns, faux leopard patterns, faux cheetah pattern, faux boa snakeskin, faux leather, faux shark skin, and much much more. Alana Solomon, master artist, is fluent in all things paint! She will paint anything that will hold still! Alana is somewhere right now swinging her paintbrush!FronbergerLeopardBathVanity

From powder rooms, to great rooms, to dining rooms, to master bedrooms, to bars, foyers, breakfast rooms, kitchens, elevators, wine cellars, studies, and much more, Alana paints anything, anywhere!FronbergerLeopardBath

Alana loves a challenge. This interior bridge was constructed of wood that didn’t satisfy the homeowner’s taste, so Alana transformed or “trans-fauxed” the wood into the desirable tone and grain pattern customized to the homeowner’s liking. Why live with a bridge over troubled colors? Call Alana and she will swing her magic brush and make you very very happy!


BelmontBridgeProjectAfterCreating illusions is just part of what makes faux painting so desirable. Interior designers often prefer faux simply for the fact that it is a more controlled outcome. If you buy a bulk of knotty pine, you get whatever comes, lots of knots, sapwood, and color variations. Why not save a tree and call Alana to paint your study walls in mahogany, english pine, birds eye maple, walnut, rosewood, burl wood, teak, and much much more.


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