Gypsy Artist Paints The Town: Alana Solomon

Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc. paints anything that will hold still!  Indochine Restaurant, located in Wilmington, NC is just one of the beautiful examples of Alana’s hand-painting. Most of her work is residential and runs the gamut from traditional, to french country, to contemporary, to industrial and so on.IndochineDoors

IndochineBarAlana'sArt StudioCreativity is a bottomless well so long as you stay in touch with the Original Creator. His supplies never run out and His imagination is infinite. Why just look at His ever changing sky schematic collection alone!SeaHorses-Info

Drop cloths, brushes, paint tubes, buckets, tape, and ladders; “These are a few of my favorite things,” Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc. continues, “Piles of canvases, frames, and gold leaf are things I never have enough!” she said. “My favorite college professor taught me to break out of my comfort zone. He had all the students bring sticks to class instead of paintbrushes. He said anything from nature we could bring, just not traditional artist tools. Then he held a stop watch and said ‘Go!’ He was the kind of professor, you just knew you better have something on your canvas when he said ‘Stop!’,” continued Alana. “He changed my perspective forever, I have never been the same! I was finally FREE!”, exclaimed Alana. Just Faux Fun, Inc. and Alana Solomon are still painting up a storm.GDayMaam-Info


Where ART & IMAGINATION are free to run wild!
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Alana’s been swinging a paintbrush since she could pick one up! Poke around this site and you will discover a power plant of creative energy! If it’s art, it’s on the menu! Here’s hoping you will be inspired to create crazy-fun art of any and many kinds!
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Enjoy Alana’s Art at Indochine Restaurant in Wilmington, NC, USA. Alana’s Art at Indochine creates the magical experience of visiting the Far East without leaving the country! Call Just Faux Fun, Inc.for all your artistic illusions of grandeur!

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