Alana Solomon is a shutterbug! Whether it’s recording artwork, stalking wildlife, or traveling abroad, Alana’s camera is always in hand. If you see a photo Alana has available, give her a call for your own personal signed by the artist prints. She also has  available photography printed on canvas, mounted on gallery frames. Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427 or Email:

Alana’s Photography is foxy! SNAP THEM UP FAST! ALANA’S ON THE RUN!

“Foxy Mama” by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana for prints: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

Trot on over to Facebook: Just Faux Fun, Inc.


GatorHUGEfearlessArtCanadaGooseWingsW:BannerAlana Solomon also offers Pet Photography!PamHolden'sSpanielPhotoAdvertisement


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