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Just Faux Fun, Inc. of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA proudly presents all styles of custom painted finishes for floors, ceilings, walls, furnitures, and much much more.ForestHillsStripedFoyerSquireFoyerStairs

“The world provides many outlets for creative artwork. You are only limited by your imagination”—Alana Solomon


Alana Solomon, native of Reidsville, North Carolina, is a resident of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA and is inspired by all things art. She fully believes that in art, there is exactly and only one rule: “There are no rules!” Her favorite motto is: “The best artists are children!” and “True artists never grow up!” From crayons, to finger paints, to walls, to easels, Alana has immersed herself in paint, painting, drawing, murals, faux painting, painted furniture, portraiture, fashion, children’s books, photography, and many other forms of artistic expression.


She will encourage anyone to explore the creative world of art by nature-discovery, self-discovery and ultimately discovering the original Artist, The Creator Himself. Alana is passionate about using the gifts on loan to her, to inspire others to do the same.

Glitter&GoldleafLogoTypeShe definitely lives by the motto: “Do what you love; Love what you do.” And if you don’t love what she just did, hang around, you might just love the next thing she does! She’s on a rampage and paintings are emerging at an alarmingly exponential rate!


Copyright Alana Solomon 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Glitter & Gold Leaf: The Artwork of Alana Solomon

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Alana makes one-of-a-kind framed art in any size, color, style and subject. This is an example of Alana’s Art created especially for you! They make great gifts for any and all occasions! CALL TODAY!

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"Punk Flamenco" painted by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana for Prints or Original: USA 910 232 5427. Email:
“Punk Flamenco” painted by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana for Prints or Original: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

Glitter & Gold Leaf: The Art of Alana Solomon makes great gifts for any and all occasions. Give the gift of original art! Your friends and family might forget ordinary gifts but they will never forget the year they received original artwork, framed and ready to decorate their homes and offices!


Alana Solomon does it all: Pet Portraits, Children Portraits, Home Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Abstract, Impressionistic, Photo Realism, Photography, Murals, Faux Painting, Trompe l’oeil, Painted Floors, Painted Ceilings, Gold Leafing, Metallic Patinas, Fresco, Antiquing, Marbleizing, Faux Tile, Faux Stone, Faux Woodgraining, Faux Malachite, Faux Snake Skin, & much, much more!


One-of-a-kind paintings by Alana Solomon give any space added color and luminosity, expressing perk and personality to an otherwise bland habitat. Alana loves to use metallics that catch the light and flicker, “winking” at you as you pass through the room. You will enjoy interacting with your collection every time you and your visitors enter the room. The artwork also changes with the lighting throughout the day and evening. In natural light and artificial light, these paintings are constantly changing and taking on different moods.


Call Alana today and choose your colors, your subject matter, your dimensions and enjoy your personal custom masterpiece today. Perhaps you have a special memoral vacation with photos of places, people and wildlife you’d like to have transformed into original artwork. Create a conversation piece for your great room or foyer that sparks memories and sharing of your trips and travels. Alana paints landscapes, historic home places, wildlife, seascapes, abstracts, and anything you can dream of.


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Alana'sArtTobaccoMuralAnd for your next mural:

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Children’s Portraits


Pet Photography



Alana’s Pet-sitting, Photography & Painted Portraits




$50.00 per overnight

$25.00 per stop-by

Prices are for within a 10 mile radius of Wilmington, NC, USA. (outside area add travel fees.)

Alana captures your pet’s personality in photographs while she cares for your pet! She can update you via facebook as to how your pet is getting along in your absence. And if you wish, you can purchase the photos or have a painted pet portrait created by Alana! Call Alana and see what wonderful poses she captures, all right around home sweet home!

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Alana also cares for your Home!

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A scavenger named Diligence.

Banded Bandit painted by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana USA 910 232 5427. Email:

Banded Bandit painted by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana USA 910 232 5427. Email:

A Scavenger Named Diligence—A poem by Alana Solomon

That sneaky ole gal behind the trash can,

doing what only a bandit can.

She sniffs and sifts and keeps an eye out

for any who’d follow his own keen snout.

Her ring-tailed plume follows close behind

as she visits with hopes of a succulent find.

Her inky black mask secures anonymity

all through the night and all through the city.

With lightening-quick paws she fingers and draws

remains of the day up to her jaws:

melon rinds, clementines, yoke drippings, greasy chitlins,

peach stones, chicken bones, an apple core, need I say more?

She shuffles along in her thick fur stole

with long street shadows, a lonely soul.

Is she off to the ballet or perhaps the shows?

Unseen in shadows she comes and goes,

to Blackwater Cafe perhaps, who knows?

Where does she live? Where does she sleep?

When the hustle and bustle begin on the street?

Down by the icehouse on the deep Cape Fear,

in the limey-green marshes surrounding the pier,

to the old live oak, the muddy path leads,

whose hollow is dry and packed full of leaves.

She’s off with a scurry; I thought “what’s the hurry?”

till silver light streamed by the livery surrey.

The morning hour creeps, in with a haze,

as summer sun floats while blue moon fades.

Her name is Diligence tufted in grays;

I’ll see her again after faithful days.

Her Maker is glorified by her meaningless task,

finding she’s consistent behind her mask.

Night after night she emerges once more

to the alley she comes for the trashcan pour.

Her Owner supplies all she needs for her life

while she’s wild and free and free from strife.

written by Alana Solomon Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Use by permission only. Call Alana USA 910 232 5427. Email:

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427. Email: