Go Faux Painting or Go Bust!

Are you so frustrated over damaged furniture and accessories that you could just bust?

Call Just Faux Fun, Inc. of Wilmington, NC, USA. 910 232 5427

MarbleBustJust Faux Fun, Inc. has a variety of painted finishes available for your furnishings. Alana’s expertise cover a broad array of painted solutions. For an exhaustive portfolio, visit facebook: Just Faux Fun, Inc. If your furniture or accessories are damaged, no worries. Alana can repair and faux so no one but you will know where the battle scar was. If your furniture was bland and uninteresting, Alana can give it a personal touch with added artistic details like, hand-painted filigree, script, floral motifs and anything else you like.FurrKatieDesk

If your home’s moldings are plain and show too much traffic, Alana has solutions for them as well. Alana can marbleize them, turn them into faux malachite, wood grain, distress them, and many, many more solutions.FurrMarbleStairChairrail


Before you get exasperated with the wear and tear on your furnishings and your home’s trim, call Alana or email her a photo: whatfaux@aol.com. She’ll bust out all kinds of solutions you may never have considered. Estimates are always free!KarenSadlerTableBefore-After

For your next transformation:

Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427

Email Alana: whatfaux@aol.com

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Discover all the possibilities of JUST FAUX FUN, INC.JustFauxFun,Inc.Logo12in.72res

And Explore the Realm or REPAIR & RESTORATIONFurrGoldLeafArmChair


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