Cats are just eat up with zip!

A cat is recognizable with simply four things, pointy ears, snake-globe eyes, whiskers and a quirky tail. However each cat has a very special personality that can be captured in a stance, an expression, the crook of his tail or a color pattern specific to his/her outfit! Alana loves cats of all kinds (Felis silvestris catus) paints realism, abstract, non-objective and some of her own inventions. If you’d like to capture your feline’s fancy, call Alana! (USA 910 232 5427) Send her an email image with your description of your cat’s fetishes, and see what magically appears at the end of Alana’s magic paintbrush!

“Sugar Cube” painted by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Original & Prints Available: Call Alana—USA 910 232 5427. Email—

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