Magic Disappearing Art—with a paintbrush!

Got ugly outlets? Call Alana! Abracadabra! With a wave of her brush, she’ll custom paint your switch covers to magically disappear! It is spellbinding!

Why spend so much time and care to choose every custom material for your gourmet kitchen and get stuck with electrical outlets that ruin your magical ambiance? You don’t have to settle for ugly, run of the mill switch covers. Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc. in Wilmington, NC, USA, can swing her magic paintbrush and astonish you with her charms! You may have to hunt for your outlets after she does her trick, but you will be so very happy! Alana can match any surface, any color, and with her affordable prices, she can match any budget! Switch covers, including the outlet plug or light switch are only $25.00 US dollars each! It is a small detail that makes a huge difference. Don’t settle for ordinary. Call Alana today! USA 910 232 5427.Learn more ABOUT ALANA

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Alana’s Art for Christmas


Alana'sArt for Christmas

Original Art Available at Tickled Pink Gifts
Lumina Station, Wrightsville Beach, NC, USA

Deck the walls with pet portraits!

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you are having trouble coming up with just the perfect gift that shows you care an awful lot, look no further. Alana paints custom artwork any size and any budget. All subjects are wonderful ideas, from house portraits, pet portraits, children portraits, landscapes, gardens, seascapes and on and on it goes! “I just finished a wonderful dog painting for a client but won’t be able to publish it until after Christmas because it is a surprise!”, said Alana with paintbrushes in both hands. “It’s not too late to order a painting, because I’m zippy fast and I paint all day, sometimes nights too!,” added Alana.

A painting made to order could be the gift your loved one never forgets and cherishes for years to come. Alana’s art celebrates new home purchases, new location moves, old home-places, milestones for children’s sports, fun summer vacations, exotic trips and much much more. Paintings also memorialize much-loved, aging pets. If you are stuck and need help brainstorming, call Alana. She’s happy to make suggestions and help you plan a wonderful Christmas gift surprise this year!

“Shadow & Floyd” by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Prints Available—Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

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Cats are just eat up with zip!

A cat is recognizable with simply four things, pointy ears, snake-globe eyes, whiskers and a quirky tail. However each cat has a very special personality that can be captured in a stance, an expression, the crook of his tail or a color pattern specific to his/her outfit! Alana loves cats of all kinds (Felis silvestris catus) paints realism, abstract, non-objective and some of her own inventions. If you’d like to capture your feline’s fancy, call Alana! (USA 910 232 5427) Send her an email image with your description of your cat’s fetishes, and see what magically appears at the end of Alana’s magic paintbrush!

“Sugar Cube” painted by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Original & Prints Available: Call Alana—USA 910 232 5427. Email—

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A Whole Flock to be Thankful For!

Eternal Thanksgiving—a poem by Alana Solomon.

I’m not just thankful for all I have, but all that I have not.

My boundaries, they hem me in, but wolves are not my lot.

The quiet and the solitude that others could not bear,

a stream of sweet communion with my Lord is what I share.

He guides my thoughts from worthless chatter

to heavenly goals that really matter.

For still much longer He bids me stay

and promises to guide each day,

that at the end I’d sit again and see all He provided then.

He is the Shepherd of my soul.

My heart, it’s hurts, He heals, makes whole.

Because He knows me inside out,

It’s best I trust without a doubt.

He knows what’s good for me much more

than I could dream or scheme, I’m sure.

Content I’ll be in sun and shade, in storms He let and those I’ve made,

The chilly rain, the snow and such, they drown my tears but warm His touch.

When fog rolls in and I can’t see, the path quite clear in front of me,

He holds me tight and bids me stroll

at peace with Him who’s in control.

The Master of the earth and sky,

my guide in life and when I die,

He’ll escort me to heaven’s throne,

the place I’ve dwelt secure, His own.

“None other Lamb, None other Name” will I place trust or even claim.

He is my goal, I will proclaim, for His great power and His fame.

In this small pasture in which I dwell, I look to Him whom I know well,

and point all others who seem confused, in pain or shame or fear they tell,

to One who’s there, His Name I’ll share, able and true to others too.

You doubt His Presence real and fair? Cry out to Him, cry out, I dare!

He will reveal Himself to you, He gave His Word, it’s clear, it’s true!

Go seek and find and find you will, the only hope, the One who’s real.

Follow the One who calls your name; He enters in, you’re not the same.

He welcomes you into His fold, and pours His blessings countless told.

He went before and made a way through death’s grim valley, that dark day.

He brands you His, precious and rare, and saves you from the pit, the snare.

We’ll be with Him forever pure in His eternal pasture sure.

Praise be to Jesus, Shepherd & King,

Thanksgiving eternal from saints He’ll bring.

written by Alana Solomon Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Use by permission only. Call Alana USA 910 232 5427. Email:

“I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so!”

Alana’s Art is featured as gifts to the readers of Morning Magazine of Kodansha Publishing in Japan! Alana is very grateful for the overseas appreciators of her whimsical colorful art illustrations!

Alana Solomon’s illustrations are created in many, many layers of water soluble oils, painted by hand. The technique allows serendipity to create wonderful surprises of texture, bleeds, and fuzzy edges. Alana loves the magical process and the textural irregularity! “It’s a very hands-on as well as hands-off approach to the creative process!” comments, Alana. Call Alana for a custom set of paintings based on a theme of your choice! Alana’s art is featured in American Showcase Directory of IllustrationDyna-Search of Los Angeles connected Alana with Kodansha as their featured American artist.

Visit Alana on Facebook: Alana Justfauxfun & Facebook: Just Faux Fun, Inc.

Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427 or Email:

Alana doesn’t just paint animals, she CARES for animals!






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Alana’s Art is having a ball dribbling!

Alana is dribbling her way into the fourth quarter!

It’s a score! And Alana passed a steal to another art lover!

SHOOT! Another painting got away! Alana sold another one!

Traveling? You better hurry while the ball is in your court! Santa is going to score & they’ll all be gone!

Need some coaching? Call Alana’s Art for your Christmas gift list! One-of-a-kind, framed paintings are bouncing right out of the studio!

Alana: USA 910 232 5427.

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Learn more about Alana: Alana Solomon, native of Reidsville, N.C., U.S.A., resides in Wilmington, N.C., U.S.A. As a graduate of East Carolina University School of Art, she received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography. Alana is the owner and master artist extraordinaire of Just Faux Fun, Inc., based in Wilmington, N.C., U.S.A., specializing in custom finishes, murals, furniture, etc. Her latest venture, Glitter & Gold Leaf: The Artwork of Alana Solomon, is a collection of one-of-a- kind splashy-colorful, impressionistic, framed artwork. Alana’s artwork is on display at The Purple Door Boutique, located in downtownReidsville, NC, USA. and also at Tickled Pink Sophisticated Gifts in Lumina StationWrightsville Beach, NC, USA. Her art and painted creations have been featured at Maran Home in Wilmington, NC. And Alana Solomon’s painting “Washing Matilda”was on display for 4.5 months in Louis Cameron Art Museum—State of the Art, Art of the State exhibit curated by Susan Davidson: Senior Curator, Collections & Exhibitions, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Nicholas Cullinan: Curator of International Modern Art at Tate Modern, London, Apsara Di Quinzio: Assistant curator of painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Timothy Anglin Burgard: The Ednah Root Curator of American Art and the Curator-in- Charge of the American Art Department for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Alana’s artwork has been published in Kodansha Publishing’s Weekly Mornings Magazine and American Showcase Directory of Illustration.  Alana’s illustrations have been featured in the Nibble Me Books Necco Candy Children’s books. She has designed logos and printed materials for North Carolina Wilmington Chamber of Commerce,Julianne Farms of Reidsville NC, Garmon Housing of Bolivia NC, Vintage Limousine Service Reidsville NC, Currie Builders Inc. of Greensboro NC, and Kodansha Weekly Morning Magazine.

Alana gives many paintings for auction to benefit causes she believes in like the following: The Epicurean Evening of theMethodist Children’s HomeWilmington Downtown Inc.,Coastal Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) sponsored byAtlantic Animal Hospital, Wilmington, NC,  The Domestic Violence Shelter & Services, Inc. of Wilmington, NC, andAnimal Warriors. Call Alana early for your next fundraiser. If you are lucky, she will contribute an original work of art to be auctioned for your cause, because Alana cares about causes!

Alana is inspired by all things art and believes that in art, there is exactly and only one rule: “There are no rules!” Her favorite motto is: “The best artists are children!” and “True artists never grow up!” From crayons, to finger paints, to walls, to easels, Alana has immersed herself in paint, painting, drawing, murals, faux painting, painted furniture, portraiture, fashion, children’s books, photography, and many other forms of artistic expression. She will encourage anyone to explore the creative world of art by nature-discovery, self-discovery and ultimately discovering the original Artist, The Creator Himself. Alana is passionate about using the gifts on loan to her, to inspire others to do the same. She definitely lives by the motto: “Do what you love; Love what you do.” And if you don’t love what she just did, hang around, you might just love the next thing she does! She’s on a rampage and paintings are emerging at an alarmingly exponential rate!

To contact Alana: USA 910 232 5427 Email:

Look for Alana on Facebook: Alana Justfauxfun

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Member: Wilmington Art Association

Enjoy Alana’s Art at Indochine Restaurant in Wilmington, NC, USA. Alana’s Art at Indochine creates the magical experience of visiting the Far East without leaving the country! Call Just Faux Fun, Inc.for all your artistic illusions of grandeur!

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